A businessman from Mumbai was arrested on Tuesday after he allegedly let his friends have sexual relations with his wife.

The accused’s wife claimed that three of her husband’s friends raped her on different occasions. The survivor claimed that she was being raped by the accused since 2017.

On Wednesday, the accused man was sent into police custody until December 23. in 2003, the accused got married. They have two children. After being raped, the woman filed for divorce.

The woman said that earlier this year, she narrated her ordeal to her father-in-law but he did not help her. The survivor claimed that her husband had threatened her with dire consequences. According to the woman, she was raped for the first time on June 15, 2017. The woman shifted with her mother in August this year.

On June 15, 2017, the woman’s husband introduced her to his friend after they had dinner. The woman told the Times of India that her husband forced her to sit in the front seat of a four-wheeler with his friend. Meanwhile, the woman’s husband and his friend’s wife sat on the back seat.

The woman claimed that her husband’s friend molested her. When the woman told her husband that she had been molested, he said, “Kuch nahi hota (nothing, happens).” According to the woman, her husband had inappropriately touched his friend’s wife while they were sitting in the back seat.

At around 11.30 pm, the two couples went to a flat. During this time, the woman was raped by her husband’s friend. Meanwhile, the woman’s husband was in another room with his friend’s wife. The woman said that when she told her husband about the incident, he promised to her that it would never happen again. The couple also fought over the incident and after their fight, the accused apologized to his wife.

The second incident took place in October 2017 when the woman’s husband took her to another flat where a couple greeted them. The woman said that she was raped at the flat and her husband threatened her of killing her if she informed anyone. Two days later, the woman’s husband brought another man to their house. The man allegedly raped the survivor in front of her husband. At the end of the same week, the man sexually assaulted the woman as her husband filmed the obscene act.

The woman said until February, she was sexually assaulted on two more occasions. The accused has been booked for rape, assault and criminal intimidation.

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