When it comes to the moment of informing parents that you want to get married, that is usually the most challenging thing to do for most young couples.However, there are better ways in which one can prepare their parents and let them know that you want to get married in a most easiest ways.

Here are some of those ways.

1. “Introduce your partner as a friend”

First and foremost, it is important to introduce your significant other to your parent as a friend.

By doing so, you’ll be giving your parents an opportunity of them analyzing him or her as a friend and let them comment about your partner.

2. “Tell the lenient one first.”

In order to face the strict parent, one need to first set up the ground. That means that one needs to tell the lenient parent first so that the lenient parent can go share it with the strict parent. By doing so, you will have eased your job of letting the strict parent know that you want to get married.

3. “Give it time.”

After spilling beans, give your parents time to process the situation.

Allow them to have as much time as they want and when they have now accepted the reality of things, they will call you for a deeper discussion.

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