TANZANIA – A mother killed her son and went ahead to eat his organs in Njombe Region, South of Tanzania.

Speaking to BBC, the area councilor confirmed the incident while pointing out that it’s not the first time a child was killed this year as residents have buried more than three children due to killings and rampant kidnapping cases which are on the rise.

The councillor said that the woman was alone at home with her son when she committed the heinous act.

“Baba wa familia ile alienda shambani kama kilomita kumi na mama ndiye alibaki peke yake nyumbani. Na ndio wakati ambao inadaiwa kuwa alimuua mwanae,” he said.

According to reports, the tragedy took place between Friday and Saturday, while the son was reported missing on Sunday when the husband returned home at around 6pm.

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When the man noticed his son was missing, he confronted his wife about the child’s whereabouts.

The wife, who was allegedly holding a grudge against him for not paying dowry told him he didn’t have the right to ask her anything.

After a day, the villagers decided to interrogate the wife again and this time, she willingly came clean and confessed her actions.

She confessed to killing her son, cooking him and eating him in a bush.

The only body part found so far is the skull. Photo: Shutterstock.

The shocking act happened when her Class Two son went to visit his grandfather. It has however not been established whether the woman, Christina Mlelwa, has mental problems.

Mlelwa and her husband are being held by the police station as investigations continue.

The only body part found so far is the skull, while other body parts are being searched for.

Source : BBC and SDE

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