Two key witnesses for the first petitioner United Transformation Movement (UTM) leader Saulos Chilima, in the high profile presidential case Darlington Ndasauka and Mirrium Gwalidi have been attacked by unknown people in their respsective homes.

In a press statement signed by the party’s publicist Joseph Chidamti Malunga cited that on December 25, 2019 the house of Gwalidi was visited by unknown people whom they believe are Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadets, who hailed insults and vulgar diatribe outside her house.

The statement continued that the Said DPP cadets promised to deal with Gwalidi for a fact that she was one of the key witnesses for Dr. Chilima in the on going presidential case.

Malunga continued that on January 4, 2020 the house of Ndasauka was raided by unknown thugs who dressed like G4S security personnel with painted faces and caused injuries to his wife and some of his family members.

The thugs however manged to get away with some things promising to return as they are said to have missed Ndasauka, his phones and laptops citing that it was the biggest interest.

In the press statement UTM has however condemned the act.

Malunga also said that the two incidents have been reported to police for further and thoroughly investigations.

On may 27, the electoral body Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) declared DPP candidate Peter Mutharika winner of the disputed elections.

UTM and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) are challenging May 21 presidential elections hence seeking for nullification of the polls results at the constitutional court.

Meanwhile the country is looking forward to the court’s decision over the matter as the case is still in court.

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