ZIMBABWE – 37-year-old Michael Phiri is reported to have developed a continuous erection after he bedded his neighbour’s wife, Regy Jaji (41). The erection has been continuous for the past four months and is now so painful that Phiri is having trouble sleeping.
Local press in Harare, Zimbabwe has established that Phiri took advantage of the fact that his Jaji owed him 37 Zimbabwe Dollars. When she failed to pay back the money, Phiri asked her to pay it in kind and demanded to sleep with her. However, the two were caught red-handed by Jaji’s husband, Justin Chokore (36). Chokore is a prominent prophet who is known in the area as Madzibaba Angrom.
Madzibaba Angrom is believed to have used runyoka juju because shortly after the two were caught in bed, Phiri developed the painful condition. He confessed his dirty deed to his wife and since they, the two have been consulting various prophets from the apostolic sects seeking a remedy for Phiri’s condition.
Narrating his ordeal to H-Metro, a contrite Phiri said

It started swelling four weeks ago and zvairwadzira kure, but kutanga last week zvanga zvava serious. Haisi kurara nhengo yangu.

I consulted many prophets, but it didn’t change anything until Madzibaba Angrom sent someone to tell me that he is the one responsible for the erection and is demanding some money from me.

I gave him 300 bond at first sezvo anga ati ndiko kuti andisunungure. He demanded imwe 200 bond and 10USD, but nanhasi nhengo yakangomira.

Phiri’s long-suffering wife Nyarai Gora (34) told the publication that she has been traumatized by the ordeal and is afraid to be intimate with her husband because of his condition.

We have been experiencing sleepless nights as my husband suffers from a mysterious pain and demands to have sex with me. I do not feel like having sex with him since the erection and appetite for sex is being caused by charms.

She said the condition has been financial and emotionally devastating for the family.

We engaged our church leaders since my husband is a secretary under Holy Apostolic Church and consulted other people for help, but all in vain. We have used every dollar in our coffers…

In local tradition, Runyoka or Rukawo can be used by both men and women to “fence” their spouse or lover so that they do not have sexual relations with other people. According to tradition, only the person who casts the runyoka is able to reverse it and this is usually after compensation with a lot of money or cattle.
According to Sekuru Friday Chisanyu the president of Zimbabwe National Traditional Practitioners Association,

This is a spell used by a man to catch those who commit adultery with his wife. Men are always busy and sometimes they go out of the country for different types of duties. As a result, sometimes they do not have peace of mind if they don’t lock up their wives if they suspect them of committing adultery.

However, there is a medical condition called priapism in which a man gets an unwanted and persistent erection, usually without sexual arousal. The condition can be treated by a medical professional. Options include draining blood from the penis (aspiration) and medication to restrict blood flow to the penis. Medical experts warn that priapism must be treated promptly in order to prevent tissue damage that could result in the inability to get or maintain an erection (erectile dysfunction).
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