Makeup is a very common thing, but also every girl must do before going out. Nowadays, makeup skill is becoming more and more advanced, and there are more and more videos on the Internet.

More and more minors are also starting to apply makeup, including a girl who has been doing it for seven years. The girl persisted in making up for seven years, and her family had never seen her remove makeup. After seeing without makeup, they understood.

In fact, she is also an ordinary girl, before not willing to say why she insisted on makeup reasons. Finally one day she said why. After learning the truth, we began to understand the girl.

In the picture, you can see white spots on the face of the girl who took off her makeup. Because of the white spots, she was bullied in school, and no one could stand such a long time. It is for this reason that she covers up the defects of her face with makeup every day.

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