Musician Janta has stepped into the year 2020 in a most desired way as he has recently signed a K2,000,000.00 deal with a privately owned company in the country called Goa Enterprise.

Musician Janta

The “Wangongole” hit maker broke the news on social media yesterday, February 13th expressing his satisfaction saying, “What a way to start 2020, It has been God. I can proudly say Janta is officially brand ambassador for Goa Enterprise,” wrote the musician.

According to the CEO of the company, Mr Gowa Magowa, out of all musicians in the country ,their company preferred Janta because they believe he is one of a few hardworking musicians in the country.

from left: Goa Enterprise CEO, Mr Magowa and Janta

“We thought it was wise to hire Janta as or brand ambassador because he is one of the few hard working musicians we have in Malawi. Adding on that, his image will definitely benefit a lot to our company,” said Mr Gowa Magowa.

Mr Gowa emphasized that well known musicians like Janta are beneficial when linked to different businesses as they contribute to the marketing of a company.

“The public adores celebrities we follow on social media and in the news hence when they see them representing a certain company’s brand they also get interested into that same thing. For such reason, celebrity endorsement deals are such big businesses.”

Magowa added that their partnership with the musician is for two years – meaning from this year 2020 to 2022.

Goa Enterprises is a fast growing company that supplies protective gear and safety materials like safety boots, work suits and gumboots. They also supply General Stationary  and ICT Equipment like Desktop Computers, Printers and also Promotional Materials like Printed Caps, T-Shirts, Fliers and etc.

The company was established in the year 2017 with the aim to provide quality Protective gear and safety materials, Stationary, ICT Equipment and Promotional Materials.

The company  is situated in Lilongwe, Area 4 off Chilambula Street opposite FES, room number 3.



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