Recently, a story about a foreign old man caused a great sensation online. At the age of 91, she unexpectedly found herself pregnant with a baby that had been in her belly for 61 years.

The old man and his husband are an ordinary couple, the body has been very healthy but the knee but no children, in her 91 years old one day she suddenly feel stomach uncomfortable and went to the hospital to do an examination, did not expect that there is a “stillbirth” in the belly.

The couple had always wanted to have a baby when they were young, and they started the “baby project” soon after they got married. However, they were very distressed and cried and could not get pregnant, so they went to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.

However, the doctors at that time, probably due to negligence, had not found any signs of pregnancy, so the couple decided that it should be their own physical problems that prevented them from having a child, and they gradually accepted the fact.

But they do not know, in fact, the old man has been pregnant, when the child in the long three months of the dead in the belly, because of the timely removal from the body, has been staying until now, so the old man in the future has not been pregnant.

Although the end of the story with comedy elements, but inevitably let people feel sad and helpless. Children are the crystallization of the love of parents, they are also worthy of respect for life, but because of the fate of people do not breathe the air of the world, did not meet with their parents were deprived of life.

Pregnancy is important for every woman, but this long process is also a kind of torture, many pregnant mothers in pregnancy as long as a little attention may affect the health of the child, and finally the risk of premature birth or even abortion.

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