Good governance analysts say Malawians should anticipate a volatile campaign period ahead of the ordered fresh presidential elections due to the current political turmoil.

This follows remarks made by Peter Mutharika when he addressed supporters of the Democratic Progressive Party after their restoration for justice march in Lilongwe.

Mutharika who is currently challenging the fresh presidential election ruling in accused opposition parties and civil society organizations for leading to what he called violent protests.

He made claims that the opposition had used the legal system to try to dethrone his leadership. The MCP and UTM petitioned the court to nullify the 2019 presidential results, a case that they won.

But in reaction to Mutharika’s statement, Malawi Congress Party Spokesperson Reverend Maurice Munthali said it is typical of DPP to castigate other political parties as a way of gaining political mileage.

On his part, UTM Publicist, Dr. Joseph Chidanti Malunga called for the need for politicians to spread messages of hope to Malawians other than bad-mouthing other politicians.

Meanwhile a good governance analyst, Humphreys Mvula has predicted an unstable campaign period ahead of the elections which have earmarked for this May.

“We should expect that the campaign is going to be very explosive because as it is he (Mutharika) is an angry person. This recent remark he made showed that he is not willing to bring people to peace. I think as a nation we should move on,’’ said Mvula.

Source: MIJ Online

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