A South African nurse, working at a hospital in North Pretoria was arrested after being found in possession of human organs by the  Tshwane police flying squad.

The arresting officers found two boxes of surgical gloves, a mask and three boxes containing human placentas with names on them.

Police spokesperson Constable Bontle Rahatji confirmed the freak incident

“Members were patrolling the Rosslyn on-ramp to the N4 when they spotted a suspicious green Peugeot vehicle on the side of the road,”

She explained that the male nurse was acting suspiciously and had to be flagged down.

He was discovered allegedly moving “things” from the boot to the vehicle’s front seat.

“They checked the bonnet but could not find anything until they checked on the front passenger seat,” Rahatji said.

The officers then found the three boxes containing human placentas with names on them.

“When asked what he was doing with the human placentas, he said he was selling them to sangomas for R3 000,” Rahatji said a nurse at the George Mukhari Hospital”.

The 36-year-old nurse will appear in the Pretoria magistrate’s court soon.

The very controversial use of human organs for ritualistic and ‘healing’ purposes by sangomas is not a new feat.

Some people have even resorted to cold blooded murder in order to harvest the human organs and make a quick sells to eager sangomas.

According to some traditional medicine practitioners, female genitals and placentas are used to counter infertility and bring good luck.

The placenta is considered as the afterbirth and is usually disposed of and then incinerated after the process hence the nurse had unchecked access to the organs.

No wonder the nurse risked his job for a quick jackpot.

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