In a 5 minutes video, a controversial South African prophet, Mboro, shocked the world when he told congregants to take off their panties during a church service.

He had been heavily criticized ever since then, especially when he said that God had already sent his Angels to oversee the service.

It wasn’t clear what he wanted to achieve but he asked the reluctant congregation, must we stop because somebody does not like it?

Many removed their panties and waved as he ordered.

In the video, the pastor placed his hand firmly on his genitals, while he prayed, his members also imitated him the same way and also placed their hands on their genitals and took off their under wears.

However after months of criticism, Prophet Mboro has spoken up by saying that those that participated in the practise would be rewarded with eternal life, free from all kinds of sicknesses as God had directed him.

In his words in the video, he said.

“Start now, the angels are here watching to see who is doing and who is not doing.” the pastor shouted out loudly.”

It could be recalled that in 2016, prophet Mboro had claimed that he went to hell and killed the devil.

He wrote that he saw many politicians in hell but the devil panicked when he saw him, which led to a fight before he killed him.

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