It is only south Africa in the southern part of Africa that has confirmed coronavirus cases , but a dramatic seen had happened  as a man who shows some similar signs and symptoms of corona virus fleed Zimbabwe hospital.

Zimbabwe has no confirmed cases of coronavirus, but the health ministry has confirmed that a man who was due to be tested in a hospital “absconded before testing was done”.

In a statement releases on Monday that the 26-year-old entered Zimbabwe in February from Thailand, and was referred from a private clinic to Wilkins Infectious Disease Hospital in Harare on 8 March complaining of a fever and sneezing.

According to Zimbabwe’s health ministry:

He did not meet the [World Health Organization] definition of a suspected case but was still earmarked for a Covid-19 test due to intensified surveillance that the country has adopted.”

After the man fled the hospital “follow-up efforts to his home address were initiated and a police report was made”, the statement added.

Latest figures indicate there are 100 confirmed coronavirus cases across Africa. They are as follows:

  • Egypt – 55
  • Algeria– 20
  • South Africa– 7
  • Tunisia – 5
  • Senegal– 4
  • Morocco– 2
  • Cameroon– 2
  • Burkina Faso– 2
  • Nigeria – 2
  • Togo– 1
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