A South African based Zimbabwean man wreaked havoc at his lover’s homestead after he got wind that she had gotten back with her estranged husband.

Information gathered indicates that the heartbroken man ran amok and set ablaze a kitchen hut at his lover’s homestead before fatally axing two cattle which were in their Kraal.

After committing the crimes, he then wrote a message on one of the walls of the burnt Kitchen hut demanding that he should be reimbursed of the money he spent on the family in a bid to secure a wife for himself.

He was demanding R5000 from them. Part of the lengthy message written on the wall reads:

Please I want my 5 000 Rand and I’m not joking. You can keep the wife because it is apparent she belongs to your uncle from Purazeni area. I’m going to South (Africa) but when I come back I want my money.

You arranged to give me Vongai claiming she did not have a husband but went on to return her to Purazeni, so tell your uncle from Purazeni that I want to kill him because he is the one you handed over the wife that you had promised I would take to South Africa.

A source who spoke to the publication revealed that the suspected criminal got romantically involved with the woman who had recently separated with her husband and was now living with her grandparents.

In a bid to win her hand in marriage, the man showered the family with presents from South Africa where he is based. But unfortunately for him, his lover eloped with another man whom she had also been romantically involved with.

The source dismissed the assailants’ allegations that the lady had gone back to her estranged husband.

Imagine what women are capable of, she is at Mhandamambwe living it up with another man not her husband from Purazeni; jumping from the arms of one man straight into another man’s.

The matter was reported to Mashava police who briefly detained Fungai’s former husband for questioning but released him without charge.

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