Government, through Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Ben Phiri, has crowned Traditional Authority (T/A) Bwananyambi in an event that took place at Ndunduma Headquarters in Mangochi on Tuesday.

Phiri commended the family for maintaining peace in choosing the new T/A contrary to other cases which mostly end up in court.

He said the arguments paint bad picture of the chieftancy and slows down development.

“It is very unfortunate to find families fighting for who will be next chief. It is a family thing and it is for everyone. People should just cooperate and support the one in power,” he said.

The Minister advised the new T/A to avoid corruption and maintain equality.

“A leader should not be corrupt, selective and greedy; you should treat everyone equally, help the poor and orphans,” he advised.

Bwananyambi is the only female chief out of the 17 traditional leaders in Mangochi.

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