Human Right Defenders Coalition (HRDC) Chairperson Timothy Mtambo and his Vice Gift Trapence have hailed Malawians with standing with them during their arrest over planned sealing of State House Residences.

The Malawi police service on Sunday arrested Trapence and Macdonald Sembereka for planning to shut down State residences on March 25 to force President Peter Mutharika to assent to electoral reform bills.

Mtambo handed himself to Area 3 police unit after reports emerged that he was being hunted by the police over the same matter.

The three were granted bail on Thursday by the Lilongwe Magistrate Court.

Writing on his official facebook page Mtambo hailed Malawians for standing with them during their arrest.

“My great comrades, all Malawians of good will and comrades beyond the boarders of Malawi (the global Civil Society) , I would like to deeply thank you for the unwavering love, support and solidarity you showed to me and my comrades (Trapence and Sembereka) during our trying moments. Words can never be enough to express my gratitude to you all, may our God Almighty reachly bless you and your families.

“To the HRDC secretariet, regional and district leadership I thank you so much for keeping the struggle alive, you fought a good fight comrades. To all the religious leaders of good will and indeed all the prayer warriors in this country who were praying for us, thank you so much for keeping our spirits strong, in God we trust and we that believe our struggle is a Heavely one. It is well and we shall overcome all the powers of darkness in our great country,” wrote Mtambo.

He added: “To all the political leaders and their supporters of good will, I appreciate you. You together with All Malawians of good will spent sleepless nights when we were in the police cells. You sacrificed not for us and yourselves but you did that for our future generations. You did it because you believe in a free, just, peaceful and developed Malawi which is actually possible and imminent. To President Chakwera and your team thanks for visiting us, preaching and praying for us. We will always cherish that. To Comrade Suleman and the Kokoliliko team under the able leadership of Comrade Richard Chimwendo, we thank you for your love and solidarity… You were on the ground throughout.

“To President JB, thanks for your message of love and support, To Dr Jessie Kabwila and the UTM supporters thanks for visiting and your unwavering solidarity, to the comrades in the police cells and at Maula prison I love you all more than you can imagine …. The list continues but you must all feel it that we appreciate you, Comrades I thank you all so much. May God bless you. My only promise to you all is that we are going to deepen the struggle and I will not let you down. We will not fear anything and anybody because worship a powerful and owesome God, He started with us and He only will finish with us. Babylon must fall.”

Concurring with Mtambo’s remarks Trapence wrote: “Thank u Malawians for the support rendered to us against the fight against the darkness.I have so much kind words for all Malawians here and in the diaspora.My greatest appreciation is also to the international friends and partners.
“We are now out on bail after going through torture.I have swollen wrists after being handcaffed from Lilongwe to Blantyre and to the court in Blantyre and to Lilongwe magistrate court. again.I didn’t understand the rationale behind that.

“May be they wanted to show me that I have indeed been arrested. I told our Lawyers about my swollen wrist for both of my hands including the Malawi Human Rights Commission officials.I hope its not poison because I have severe pains of my wrist up to now and wrist are still swollen.We will update Malawians for all the ideal during our press briefing.Once again thank u all for the great support.How I wish they arrested the police officers who raped the Msundwe women and Girls now.”

Meanwhile HRDC leaders have vowed to continue with State House demonstrations scheduled for March 25, 2020.

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