An abusive man was left with egg on his face after his wife broke up with him in full glare of the gallery during a court hearing.

The couple had approached the court in a bid to resolve a marital dispute that was sparked when the woman was caught entering another man’s car.

In a fit of rage, the husband, Honesty Ngwenya, assaulted the complainant, Merita Moyo, whilst accusing her of cheating on him with the car’s owner.

Appearing before magistrate Mildred Mutuvi Moyo seeking a protection order against her husband, Moyo narrated how she suffered massive humiliation during the nasty assault. She also added that she no longer wanted anything to do with her husband saying that she now wanted a divorce.

He came to my workplace and followed me to the car that I was using as my transport.
He dragged me by hair and started calling me names and that was embarrassing enough for me and that’s why l no longer want anything to with him.
He comes to our matrimonial home and takes my money and goes to his girlfriends to spend it.

In mitigation, the accused confirmed assaulting his wife but claimed that he only did it out of love for his wife.

I was just protecting what is mine.
I admit that violence is not the case to solve issues but I was controlled by jealous and love for my wife.
We might have come to court but I know my wife, we are going to talk.

Moyo was granted the protection order in the court’s ruling.

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