A 49 year old Victoria Falls man who went missing was found dead in a bush with both legs, right arm and intestines missing, in what is suspected to be an attack by wild animals.

Information gathered indicates that Edson Bhebhe was killed during an elephant attack before hyenas proceeded to scavenge on his corpse.

His left arm, rib cage and skull were found scattered in Chamabondo National Park.

Elephant and hyena spoors were also discovered around the clothes and body parts.

According to the deceased’s younger brother, Mr Amos Bhebhe 46 years of age said he had been missing for 7 days and efforts to search for him were proving to be fruitless.

“He left home around 4PM on Saturday 8 March with four friends who came to pick him up as they went to drink beer at G-Spot. He did not return home and we reported him to police as a missing person,” he said.

Edson is said to have left his colleagues at the bar intending to go home at around 9PM but he did not arrive which prompted his family to look for him.

A search team comprising of residents, police and rangers from Zim Parks was dispatched and found Edson’s left arm and rib cage while the skull was found  further in the bush.

His brown shoe and blood stained t-shirt were found on the tree branches. .

A further search drew up his pair of trousers, another shoe, a wallet with identity particulars and cash while his left arm and some ribs were found scattered in the bushes.

Hyenas are said to have feasted on his corpse leaving some body parts maimed and scattered.

Matabeleland North police spokesperson Chief Inspector Siphiwe Makonese confirmation the incident.

She urged members of the public not to walk through the bush or secluded places, especially in wildlife areas to avoid conflict.

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