Mchinji District Council has banned vendors from buying maize from farmers in a bid to curb rampant theft of the crop in maize fields.

In a letter dated 1st March, 2020 addressed to vendors, chairpersons in all markets, all chiefs and revenue collectors, the council states that buying and selling of maize will be lifted after maize is ready for harvest.

Mchinji District Commissioner (DC), Bester Mandere, said the council has been receiving numerous reports of rampant theft of maize in gardens, hence the ban.

He said the council is also concerned because most vendors do not use original scales when buying the maize from farmers saying most vendors are encouraged to sell their maize to ADMARC.

“In some instances these traders force farmers to sell them maize and in desperation, the farmers sell the maize at low prices,” he added.

Senior Chief Dambe of Mchinji told Mchinji District Full council meeting on Wednesday that there was rampant theft of maize from gardens in his area.


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