A Nigerian man has narrated how a rather controversial incident that occurred on Sunday being the 15th of this month at Dynasty Of God Church, Igbogbo in Ikorodu.

The incident was said to have resulted in physical exchange that made the preciding pastor to lose his guard and slapped an usher of the church.

When it was time for offering, and Tithe collection. As this was on-going, the members all danced forward accordingly to drop what they they had to offer for the lord.

According to the eyes witnesses, one of the protocol officers engaged the usher which led in a loud and embarrassing argument.

The Lady slapped the Pastor’s protocol, which made the pastor slap the lady.

The lady then retaliated and she received the beating of her life, and she couldn’t stand up until she was attended to by nurses.

It was later discovered that the lady had about 14,520 naira in her possession which the pastor reported has been stolen by the lady.

The pastor was advised to report the matter to the police station.

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