India – In a deplorable incident, a male masseur allegedly molested one of the female clients who visited the spa located in a condominium’s club at Golf Course Road on Wednesday.

The affected woman, who is a resident of DLF Phase 5 visited the spa for getting a head massage. The condominium is one of the ultra-affluent addresses in the locality.

In the face of ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the woman’s employment firm has instructed the employees to work from home. On Wednesday, at around 4:10 pm, she planned to visit the club’s spa for getting a head massage. The manager of the spa assigned a youth, identified as Pankaj, to attend her.

According to the complaint registered by the affected woman, the masseur asked her to get inside the massage room. She refused but he persistently asked her to go to the room as massage could only be done there. After entering the room, the accused gave her a gown and asked her to change. She informed him that she did not wish to change. However, he insisted that it was necessary for doing massage.

The woman was uncomfortable and therefore she only changed her shirt and adorned the robe given by the masseur. The woman alleged that upon starting the massage, the accused undid the robe’s belt and attempted to touch her inappropriately. She became very uncomfortable and left the room, reported the Times of India.

She said that approached the manager and complained about the masseur’s inappropriate behaviour. She alleged that the manager refused to entertain her complaint saying that the massage parlour was closed then and therefore, he would not attend to any clients

The affected woman claimed that she was taken to the massager room on purpose by the accused because according to the spa’s policy, the male employees are barred from entering women’s massage room.

The incident took place within the territorial limits of the Sector 53 police station and the accused has been booked under Section 354A (sexual harassment) of the Indian Penal Code.

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