KHATO Civils has refuted media allegations regarding the arrest of the company’s chairman Mr. Simbi Phiri in South Africa.

This morning one of the media houses in Malawi carried out a story regarding the arrest of the Malawian business tycoon currently based in South Africa that he has been arrested and charged for fraud and that he has been granted bail.

Refuting the allegations via a press statement seen by a Face of Malawi reporter, KHATO Civils has described the allegations as untrue, malicious an intended to tarnish the image of Phiri and the company.

According to Chief Executive Officer of KHATO Civils, Mongezi Mnyani, if t were true that Phiri had been arrested, South Africa’s main stream and International media would have carried the case and the information would be public and verified through South African court systems.

“I want to put on record that Mr. Phiri has not been arrested nor has he ever been questioned by any law enforcement agencies here in South Africa. We are convinced that the fabrications are emanating from unprofessional conduct by some rogue elements within Malawi who are hell bent on tarnishing our good image and reputation of Mr. Simbi Phiri,” said Mnyani.

According to the statement a key leading politicians nd official in the country (Malawi) who for some reasons do not like KHATO Civils are trying everything possible to discredit the company.

The company has however asked the media house to remove the story from their media platforms threatening that failing which they will take legal action against them.

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