In August last year, Castel Malawi Limited, retrenched 138 of its 1248 employees as it struggles to stay afloat. Today the last phase has been done bringing the total of retrenched staff to 300.

In a memo that has been shared by an insider, 96 members of staff have been layed off in this last phase of the retrenchment exercise.

Affected members have started receiving letters of their fate since morning today, 25 March.

“All payments in respect of retrenchment will be made through the payroll on 25th March, 2020 together with April 2020 salaries.

“However, the company will recover all outstanding debts that each retrenched employee has at the time of exit”, reads part of memo.

The memo further informs members of staff that the company will be prepared to repatriate any willing, affected members of staff, upon request, to their home villages within three months of retrenchment.

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