In Zimbabwe,Harare – Stranded Chinese nationals were stuck with their deceased relative’s body after city morgues and funeral parlor morgues refused to take his body in, fearing the Coronavirus.

Chinese Family Stuck With Dead Relative

This information was first revealed by a journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono who got public backlash until he produced photo evidence on Twitter

Said Chin’ono

Twice, I have said that there was a dead Chinese national who was being driven around in car in Harare. As usual regime apologists like Conway Tutani called me a liar! Here are the pictures, if they call me a liar again, I will release the names and passport numbers. Kwanayi!

Meanwhile Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Guo Shaochun lamented that his country and compatriots were being treated like pariahs  for allegedly creating the deadly coronavirus which has infected and killed many people worldwide.

The ambassador pleaded for solidarity in a call to fight world stigma and discrimination against his compatriots.

Guo said this on Twitter while acknowledging receipt of a consignment  from businessman and philanthropist Jack Ma meant to complement government efforts in containing the pandemic in Zimbabwe.

Ma donated 20 000 test kits, 100 000 face masks and 1 000 medical use protective suits and face shields to all 54 African states.

“The consignment arrived in Harare and was well received by the government just now.

“It came at a critical and most needed time.

“We are a community. We need solidarity, not discrimination and stigmatization,” said Guo.

Videos featuring Chinese nationals being forced to disembark from public transport have been circulating on social media.

Some of the Chinese nationals are being denied medical assistance as well.

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