Customers for Chibuku brewery in Mzuzu have dragged the company to Malawi Bureau of Standards over unhygienic.

One of the concerned customers, Golie Ngwira said many people who have been taking the five litres or one litre plastic bottle of beer  have been complaining stomach pains and diarrhea.

He said the customers have been finding dead cockroaches or ants as well as used condoms inside the two products.

Another customer Vitumbiko Mtonga, said that the company has been muting anyone who faces the problem.

Mtonga said instead of improving its products, the company has been giving another bottle of beer to the complainants.

“We are tired with this company. I think it want to kill us. We love our lives that is why we have dragged it to the MBS with the evidence,” said Mtonga and Ngwira.

“This is what happens, both the five litres and one litre plastic bottles of beer were retainable. Some people use them as bins at their home. Some bottles stay long time without being used hence the presence of, urine smells, dead cockroaches, used condoms and ants inside. Instead of cleaning the bottles, the company just use them,” they added.

Soon after seeing that the customers took a legal action, Mzuzu Chibuku brewery banned the sell of the concerned products.

However, Mzuzu Chibuku Brewery Business Development and Cooperate Affairs Manager Gloria Zimba said the ban of the five litres and one litre plastic bottles of beer was not because of the action taken by their customers but the company wants to produce a new products that its bottles will be not retainable as was before.

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