The Former President of Malawi, Doctor Joyce Banda claimed that Malawi government is hiding the figures of corona virus.

Banda through her facebook account did not specify on the type of statistics but she suggested that it will be hard for the government to be assisted by global community if the it continues to be untruthful.

“The global community cannot assist us when we are hiding our statistics and our challenges to fight the pandemic.

“When there is apparent politicization of this fight and apparent lack of political will to confront this pandemic as a united front regardless of our political and religious affiliations,” said Banda.

She continued by saying that she is saddened to see that Malawi is missing from the list of countries that will benefit from a US$100 million which will be provided to at risk countries to support humanitarian needs resulting from the coronavirus outbreak.

Banda has since asked government to be proactive and stop politicizing the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Malawi is yet to record a case of the coronavirus which has hit at least 177 countries, causing over 34,000 deaths out of 735,000 cases recorded.


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