Chinese Ambassador to Malawi Liu Hongyang has urged Government and citizens to “seriously take prevention and control measures, and adopt comprehensive detection and isolation measures” against the deadly COVID-19.

“Everyone should take precautions in daily life, reduce exposure and travel, and do everything possible to prevent COVID -19 in Malawi,’’ the Ambassador said in a statement published on Tuesday titled:

Defeat the Pandemic through GlobalSolidarity and Joint Action.’ Hongyang said fortunately Malawi has not seen a reported case but added that considering the medical system of Malawi and the highly contagious virus, Malawi should adopt the measures.

He said Malawi, despite its limited conditions, provided valuable support for China in fighting against COVID – 19.

“H.E. Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika sent a letter to President Xi Jinping, expressing Malawi’s solidarity and appreciation for China’s prevention and control measures and many friends from all walks of life in Malawi expressed their condolences,support and best wishes to China as well. We are grateful to that.” The Ambassador said a batch of anti-epidemic materials donated by rich entrepreneur Ma Yun has arrived in Malawi.

He said the Chinese government and Chinese embassy in Malawi will make further donations to assist Malawi in preventing and controlling the epidemic. “L believe that with our joint efforts, the health and safety of all Malawian people will be effectively protected.” GLOBAL COMMUNITY

The Envoy said globalization had penetrated into all aspects of life, especially in economy and public health areas.

“The pandemic makes us understand that the virus respects no nationalities and boundaries. We are allinterdependent in a global community of public health.

“COVID-19 is our common enemy and the only right option for the world is to make concerted efforts,” he said.

The Ambassador said in the context of globalization, “all countries can’t be separated from one another. We should work together and join hands to take effective prevention and control measures to defeat the virus in the shortest time, so as to build a healthy and safe global community with a shared future in public health.”


Hongyang said the first case of Coronavirus was diagnosed on December 30, 2019 in China, but centrally to the rapid spread of the disease across the world, “the epidemic has been successfully controlled in China.”He said there were totally 31 new confirmed cases in China as of March 29, 30 of whom were imported from abroad.

“China has achieved a decisive victory in the fight against the epidemic and I believe the final victory is just around the corner. Thanks to China’s rapid and effective prevention and control measures. China has written out its prescription for COVID-19.”

Mutharika recently declared Malawi a ‘State of Disaster’ and launched a K15 billion national response plan to stop the spread of the deadly disease which has killed thousands of people across the globe.

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