Boris Johnson remains unwell with a high temperature seven days after he began self-isolating after testing positive for coronavirus.

The Prime Minister recorded a video message from his flat in Downing Street asking the public to continue to stay at home – despite a forecast of sunshine and warmer weather this weekend.

Mr Johnson, who tested positive for the virus a week ago, is still battling the disease.

In a video posted on his Twitter account, he explained: “Although I’m feeling better and I’ve done my seven days of isolation, alas I still have one of the symptoms, a minor symptom, I have a temperature. So in accordance with government advice I must continue my self-isolation until that symptom itself goes.”

But he also had an important message to the public ahead of the weekend when the temperature is expected to hit 20C.

Mr Johnson said: “I want to say one crucial thing, one quick thing to everybody thinking about this weekend and what may be some fine weather.

“Because I reckon a lot of people will be starting to think this is all going on for quite a long time and they’d rather be getting out there and particularly if they’ve got kids in the household everybody may be getting a bit stir crazy.

“And there may be just a temptation to get out there, hang out and start to break the regulations.

“I just urge you not to do that.

“Please, please, stick with the guidance now.

“This country has made a huge effort, a huge sacrifice, done absolutely brilliantly will in delaying the spread of the virus.
“Let’s stick with it now.”

Last night Mr Johnson was seen stood outside Number 10 applauding the NHS but many remarked that he seemed thinner than normal after his battle with coronavirus.

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