Veteran musician Lucius Banda has said declaration of state of disaster by President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has negatively affected the music industry as most artists in the country have been forced to canceled their shows.

President Mutharika last month declared the country as state of disaster and he banned public all public gatherings of more than 100 people.

The development saw various activities including music shows being called off as preventive measure to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

Writing on his official facebook page, Banda urged Malawians to support artists in times of need by buying their artistic work.

Below is what Banda wrote;

A malawian musician…

His music they just share via what’s up. They don’t even think of his studio costs. When he puts it on Malawi music dot com for free downloads all are happy over 100.000 downloads in a day.👏👏👏

when he puts it on commercial sights in order to sell even @ 200kwacha per song He does not get even a thousand buyers in a month😭😭😭

Knowing that he can’t survive without music the only alternative left is live music shows. He lets them enjoy the free downloads hoping when the record is famous they will support him at the show….. there comes Corona virus with a bang! 😢

With a state of disaster declaration By the President, a malawian musician who gets a miserable little something through the shows is doomed. All his shows are cancelled He has to stay home eat from all his little servings which can’t go beyond two weeks since music shows in Malawi now-a-days are like hand to mouth ventures. 😢

Did anyone think about it? No!!! they are all at home watching videos and listening to the artist’s songs. Saying they love his music so much. May be that’s why they say” apart from music mumapanga chani.”The leading artist may survive the drought okay, but what about those that work with him.. Band members, loaders, drivers, dancers and singers. Please Malawi learn to love your Artists.🙏🙏🙏

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