Nurses and staff at a certain private hospital in Blantyre were expected to be tested for COVID-19 after being exposed to a COVID-19 positive patient.

One of the nurses said that the nurses were treating the patient at home without personal protective gear for the past week, unaware that the person has the virus until the patient tested COVID-19 positive on Sunday.

“We were then instructed to stay in our homes,” said the nurse.

The nurses have, however, been provided with protective gear on Monday after the discovery.

Deputy Director of Health Services in the ministry of health, Dr. Mathews kagoli, says it is procedural to trace and test any person who has contact with any infected person.

“This is the procedure. Any person in contact with the patient, regardless their profession, must be tested,” he said.

Malawi has registered 8 cases of COVID-19.

Yesterday, one patient died due to the disease.

Authorities have directed measures to ensure that the virus is not spread.



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