Following the announced confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Lilongwe and Blantyre, some well-wishers have donated Corona kits to Kasungu Prison.

Kasungu Prison received Corona kits which includes tapped pails, hand sanitizers and basins worth K 60,000 by some well-wishers in the district.

In an interview with one of the well-wishers, Daniel Soka said being citizens of the country they thought it wise to contribute the little they earn to their friends who are in prison so as they should be safe from the virus.

“The Prison warders can be infected in no time so from all the places we chose the prison knowing that by now government cannot manage to reach all places,” he said

The donation has been contributed by 16 people who work hard and had a time to take from their pockets to help their friends from the prison.

Officer in Charge for Kasungu Prison, Mary Singo said they are happy to see that Malawians are taking part in helping the government to donate Corona kits.

“It is very rare to for Malawians to take such an action like what this group has done most people in our country think only churches, organization, companies and people who are well to do can do such thing,

“If we can have more of the people with such spirit it will be easy for us as a country to fight this pandemic and its spread can be minimal,” she noted.

Singo added saying the donation would help prisoners here to be safe from the pandemic since we did not have any.

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