Six police officers who were under official duty at Namahadi in Phuthaditjhaba, Free State, were arrested after they were caught offside drinking alcohol on duty.

The six  officers were caught red handed carousing at a local tavern, while still performing official duties on behalf of the police force and the government.

SA Police Officers Arrested

Their shenanigans were further aggravated, by the fact that the government banned the sell of liquor during the national lockdown, meaning no liquor store is allowed to operate or open its doors to imbibers.

The arrested police officers are now facing criminal charges for disregarding the law.

This follows after the minister of Police  Bheki Cele, backed the government in its ‘no alcohol’ stance during the lockdown.

SA Police Officers Arrested

The government together with the police, were deeply concerned about the crimes directly linked to the excessive consumption of alcohol, like domestic violence, reckless driving and public disturbances during the lockdown period.

A significant dip in alcohol induced crimes was noted in the public after the decision to ban its sale.

The police have been rounding up defiant imbibers, illegal tavern owners and black market alcohol dealers.

The  law breaking officers were cuffed just after their arrival at Namahadi police station.

According to reports, the community members are said to have blown the whistle on the six officers who were drinking at a local tavern in their area.

SA Police Officers Arrested

The officers evaded a citizen arrest but they met their fate after reporting for duty the next morning.

SAPS National Commissioner, General Khehla John Sitole, confirmed the arrest after their pictures went viral online:

“They [the arrested police officers] initially escaped as members were about to pounce on them. However, they were later arrested yesterday, Sunday, 19 April 2020 as they reported on duty. Pictures of the members being arrested went viral, a moment that SAPS management is not proud of but the arrest was indeed a necessary course of action.”

He said the tavern owner was also arrested.

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