In a bizarre twist, a woman’s body exhumed by her relatives and villagers were allowed to view the corpse, which was shockingly still in a fresh state, the incident is reportedly to have happened in Zimbabwe.

The body was reportedly exhumed  17 days after burial.

The deceased, identified as Tambudzai, was in a polygamous marriage and she was the second wife.

She reportedly suffered a miscarriage and then a few weeks later she died, after bleeding from the mouth and nose.

She was buried in Mutoko where she stayed with her husband, however her sister Juliet, claimed Tambudzai’s spirit was now haunting her from beyond the grave, saying she wasn’t happy with her burial place.

The spirit is said to have requested to be buried next to her mother at Tamar Farm.

Juliet claimed that her sister’s spirit tormented her, such that she was forced to make arrangements for the body to be exhumed and reburied at Tamar Farm.

The shocked villagers came in their hundreds, to attend a second funeral for the deceased and to witness this bizarre incident for themselves.

Said one of the villagers speaking to H-Metro

“Taita body viewing, the body is still ‘fresh’ kuita seachangofa hapana kana hwema urikumbonzwika considering that she died seventeen days ago.(the body was not even smelling)

“Nothing went wrong just as how she told her sister, the exhumation went well, the body was brought here without any hustles,” said one of the villagers.

The funeral was graced by traditional, Nyau dancers as per the deceased’s instructions to her sister.

Tambudzai’s best friend also sang at the funeral after claiming that the former’s spirit, also visited her just after her first burial.

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