Exactly 27 years ago, 22 players of the Zambia national team, 3 officials and 5 crew members were killed in an air crash
On Tuesday 27 April 1993 the Zambian Air Force Buffalo DHC-5D carrying most of the finest players.
The plane had made a refueling stop in Libreville en route to Dakar.
All 30 passengers died, among them most of the finest generation of footballers Zambia had ever produced.
Eventually 24 bodies were recovered, but only 13 could be identified.
A Gabonese official investigation into the accident concluded that the pilot had shut down the wrong engine after a fire. The investigation found that pilot fatigue and an instrument error had contributed to the accident.
Kalusha Bwalya, who was the marksman of the team escaped death, because he decided to join them in Senegal from Belgium.
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