A man in Vadodara allegedly brutally assaulted his wife after she repeatedly defeated him in an online ludo game. The incident took place at the couple’s residence in Vemali area of Vadodara. The victim is a tuition teacher.

The woman suffered severe spinal cord injuries and is under treatment. According to the doctors, the woman has developed a gap between two of her vertebrae.

The woman wanted her husband to stay indoors instead of stepping out of the house to spend time with other persons living in the society, so, she proposed the idea of playing an online ludo game.

The tuition teacher’s husband agreed to play the game but he lost his temper when he was defeated in three to four rounds. Furious after losing, the man started arguing with his wife and when the argument escalated, the man started assaulting the woman.

After the incident, the woman was rushed to an orthopaedic surgeon. Meanwhile, the case also reached the 181 Abhayam helpline. After necessary treatment was administered to her, the woman took the decision of going to her parents’ home instead of returning to her husband.

A counsellor of Abhayam told The Times of India, “But before that (going to her parents’ home), she wanted to go to her home to collect some documents. We then counselled them both. ” Project coordinator Chandrakant Makwana said that their counsellors give the victims two options- lodge a complaint or settle the issue.

In this case, the accused apologized after the incident and the woman did not register a complaint against him. The couple was then counselled to live together and were apprised of the demerits of marital discord. The woman will return to her husband’s home after spending a few days with her parents.

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