Minister of Homeland Security Nicholas Dausi has hit back at outgoing Chairperson for the Human Right Defenders Coalition (HRDC) Timothy Mtambo for joining frontline politics.

Mtambo resigned from HRDC on Wednesday and announced the formation of a new grouping called Citizens for Transformation (CFT), a People power movement.

Speaking to journalists in Lilongwe hours after Mtambo’s resignation Dausi said Mtambo’s move to join frontline politics confirms Government’s earlier stand that he has all along been disguising himself as a human rights defender.

Mr. Mtambo has lied by saying that his Citizens for Transformation (CFT) is not a political party. Why then has he resigned from HRDC? Isn’t it to clear his way for active politics? You don’t need word “party” in a name to be a political party. We have parties without word ‘party’ in their names. Examples are the United Democratic front (UDF) and UTM.

“We are aware that the MCP has promised Mtambo the second vice presidency. The formation of Citizens for Transformation is a condition for the second vice presidency in addition to organizing violent demonstrations,” said Dausi.

Meanwhile Mtambo is yet to comment on the matter.

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