NIGERIA – At a trying time for the youths of the country where the President considers a handful of them to be “lazy”, a youthful Nigerian couple have decided to prove the depth of their love by sharing an in-bed photo of themselves on Facebook.

Looking like an after-sex kinda photos, this dauntless Nigerian couple, boldly took to Facebook, to share in-bed photos of themselves and profess their love.

The lady who shared the photos on Facebook, particularly, our group, ‘Yabaleftonline Ward’, wrote,

“My love for u olatamamu Will never end 💓

I dnt care abt wat people say abt me all i no is I luv u ❤wit all my ♥
I only belong to u nd nobody else Olatamotu
I LOVE YOU Olatamamu. You are so sweet bebe” texts reads.


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