A man allegedly shot a 20-year-old youth to death in Badalpur area’s Dhoom Manikpur village in Greater Noida in the night on Monday.

The now-deceased youth and the accused man, both residents of the same village, were not on good terms.

Reportedly, their personal enmity began when the latter came to know that the now-deceased youth, identified as Prashant, had developed ‘liking’ for his cousin sister.

The local police were alerted and the accused, identified as Ankit, and his four accomplices were arrested.

The now-deceased man’s father, identified as Shripal Rawal, said that Prashant was at home when he received a call from Ankit, who asked him to meet him at their neighbour’s house in the evening on Monday.

At first, Prashant declined his request to meet him. However, the accused man’s insistence ultimately convinced Prashant to meet him.

According to a report of the Hindustan Times, the now-deceased youth told his family that he would come back soon and left the house. However, several hours passed and he did not return.

This made his worried about his well-being and they began looking for him. At around 7:30 pm, they spotted him sitting at the house of their neighbour.

The victim’s father said that the accused, along with his four accomplices, identified as Arun, Lokesh, Manish and Dushyant, began hurling abuses at Prashant when he arrived at the neighbour’s house.

Then, Ankit allegedly pulled out a country-made gun and shot Prashant in the chest. He was fatally wounded in the attack. All the five accused decamped from the scene after shooting the victim.

Prashant’s family members took him to a nearby private hospital for administering medical care but the doctors there asked them to take him to a bigger hospital.

Then, the family rushed Prashant to a private hospital located in Ghaziabad where he was pronounced “brought dead” by the doctors.

The five accused have been booked under sections 302, 147, and 34 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). According to the police, the victim had developed liking for Ankit’s cousin sister.

During questioning, Ankit disclosed that a few months ago, Prashant had asked for the phone number of his cousin sister. This resulted in differences between the two and Ankit killed Prashant.

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