Malawians on Thursday, May 7, 2020 took a dig at First lady Gertrude Mutharika for poor dressing code during his husband Peter Mutharika’s presentation of nomination papers for July 2, 2020′ fresh presidential elections at mount Soche in Blantyre.

First Lady who dressed in blue and yellow gown dress as expected (pregnant woman) did not please viewers on live TV broadcast.

Malawians were comparing Malawi Vice President Saulo Chilima’s wife Marry Chilima who dresses smart and presentable in public and private functions.

Mary Chilima on the left-hand side and Gertrude Mutharika on the right-hand side

“Pliz Mayi wafuko aphunzire kuvala sure (Please The First lady must learn to dress properly),” rebukes Feli Chiwaula.

Zaman chips in; “Chaka choyipa Mulumu olo akazi ako amatha kukuonetsa chitsiru ku gulu povala gown mmalo mwa dress (When God wants to shame you, even your wife make you fool to the public by dressing a gown instead of proper dress”.

Confidence adds, “Koma designer wa aunt Getu sakaona kumwamba, (Honestly, First lady Gertrude’s designer will not enter into heaven)”.

“Koma mwati a First lady amalakwa chani kuti mpaka alandire chilango cha dress imeneyi (What crime has the first lady committed to be punished for this type of dress)”, Chigo worried.

They have also insulted  Mrs Mutharika’s dress designers who most of the time attract public anger  and insults on types of dresses that the first lady pots on.

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