Peter Kuwani of Mbakuwaku Movement for Development (MMD) has said he is yet to start campaigning for coming presidential election and has attributed the situation to corona virus.

Kuwani says he wants to respect corona virus preventive measures set by the government and World Heath Organisation (WHO).

“We are running away from the traditional gatherings because we’re also trying to respect the COVID-19 pandemic preventive measures despite that the same authority is on the forefront defying the same measures. As party as an individual who strives to respect the health care system, we thought we should be part and parcel of preserving lives of ordinary Malawians, because we have to look beyond elections,” he said.

Currently, two major political parties contesting in the fresh presidential election, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) have already started campaigns; gathering large masses against WHO directive of social distance.

Kuwani and his MMD has been rather quite as his fellow contenders for State House or their representatives crisscross the country in search of votes.

A 50 percent plus one majority will be expected of the winner, making the task even more daunting.

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