Members of a community in Msamo are still shocked by the sons of a local chief who are now weighing metal in a jail cell after being arrested last week for allegedly shooting dead their father for allegedly having an affair with their neighbor.

They have been arrested, while they are still facing charges of the assault and wounding of their father Thembinkosi Sithole’s (65) girlfriend, Mr Sithole was a member of the king’s court.

Mr Sithole’s body was discovered outside his kraal, with multiple gunshot wounds to his head.

Mr Sithole was murdered, because of his alleged affair with a neighbor’s wife and had become the talk of the town, neighbors gossiping about his extra marital activites and with an also married woman.

It is alleged that their story was eventually intervened his children, who attacked the woman, assaulted her, and left her severely injured.

The deceased’s children, including his daughters, had hit the woman because they were pissed at the fact that their father had neglected them, and no longer provided for their, but provided his girlfriend.

The deceased’s older sons even returned from Johannesburg to try and rectify the situation.

It turned out that he had just been killed, not even a week after an unknown attacker tried to shoot him dead in his home, but failed in his presence, as the gun jammed.

The police have arrested two sons who are suspected to have shot and killed their unarmed father in his home as his wife had moved from their home with the children.

Khumbulani Sithole, the king of the area says that the chief died, before he had to pay 5 cows for the alleged affair with another man’s wife.

He also said the community had demanded that the deceased should step down from his position.


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