A social commentator Humphrey Mvula has faulted the inclusion of the past immediate Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) commissioners in the new commission.

Jean Mathanga and Linda Kunje were in the Jane Ansah led commission which was found incompetent by Constitutional and Supreme Court following the role they played in May 21, 2019 nullified presidential elections.

Kunje did argue though before a Parliamentary Committee that calling the Commission incompetent means even the MPs are incompetent as they were declared winners by the same Commission.

Some have also questioned how president Peter Mutharika ended up assigning the Malawi Congress Party two Commissioner and the DPP four when the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections act categorically says political parties can only submit up three nominees for the position of Commissioners.

Arguments that one of the four may be a UDF representative do not also seem to hold as only the MCP and DPP qualified to submit nominees have secured one tenth of the Parliamentary seats.

Once sworn-in, the Commissioners will have to hit the ground running and hold an election in less than 30 days in order to comply with the February 3rd ruling of the courts.

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