Police in Mchinji is keeping in custody a 17-year-old boy( name withheld) after stabbing his playmate to death following a misunderstanding that arose as they were playing football at Bua primary school ground.

Facts are that the suspect (name withheld) and the deceased Zovuta Antonio, aged 17, were playing football at Bua Primary School ground when the incident happened.

“The suspect had hit a little boy with a ball, a thing that annoyed the deceased as the victim started crying.”

“The development led to a fierce verbal tirade and when the football training was over, the suspect rushed home, took a knife and started chasing the deceased.

“Upon finding him, he stabbed him on the chest a thing that led him fall down as he was bleeding profusely.”

Onlookers had to apprehend the suspect but he managed to slip away from their hands and finally handed himself to police.

The victim was then taken to Mchinji Police Station for a medical report and officers quickly referred him to Mchinji District Hospital where the boy was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Postmortem revealed that death was due to severe loss of blood.

The deceased hailed from Zulu Village in the area of Traditional Authority Zulu in Mchinji while the suspect comes from Mpemba village in the area of Traditional Authority Somba in Blantyre.

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