By orchestra Kamanga

The Founder and Managing Director for General Vision Screen Printers (GVSP) Comrade Dr Festone Kaphanya has said the closure of Schools in the country due to covid-19 has affected students and also parents as they will have to pay double fees when schools re-open.

Speaking in an interview, Dr Kaphanya said he pays schools fees for her child at Kalibu Academy K1, 15O,OOO per term which he already paid for 3 terms before the closure of schools and when schools re-open, he will have to pay for three terms which is K3, 350000.00 in the same class saying that is a burden to him as a parent.

“Paying double in the same class is costly considering to the current situation the country is facing as business is not doing well due covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

GVSP Boss further said he is doubtful weather he will source funds to pay for his child to finish her education due to economic crisis the country is facing.

He also said the school closure affected the students themselves because they prepared to write their exams and now they will be back to square one to study again to prepare for the exams.

“The closure will have an impact to our children across the country as they will prepare again for their examinations and that may affect their performance and outcome,” he said.

He said according to WHO report, corona Virus is just like any other disease such as HIV/Aids and Tuberculosis (T.B) and therefore he urges all Malawians not be lazy in their work so that the country can still continue to develop.

General vision Screen Printers which prints T-shirts, Caps, Golf-Shirts, Umbrellas, Ties, Worksuits, Overalls, Bags is located along zalewa road opposite Motel Paradise in commercial city Blantyre.

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