Several citizens of Seville, a city in Spain without a beach, have been arrested this morning, when they were discovered making a tunnel towards Matalascañas (a beach town).

Apparently they wanted to get to the beach, so they could go every day to take a bath during the state of alarm.

One of them made the mistake of peeing outside and was discovered when they saw him sink to the ground when he returned to the hole.

They had been digging for 2 weeks with a pick and shovel, day and night, trying to get to the coastal town as soon as possible.
“They were trying to open a fixed channel of communication not controlled by the police, and possibly they were planning to sell tickets and season passes,” authorities say.

Detainees defend themselves by claiming that they were exercising.

“We are bored and in need of sports. We don’t like to run, what we like is to make tunnels, why can’t we make one? If the tunnel goes towards the beach, where we have a house, it is pure chance”.

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