A woman is accused of killing her four-year-old stepdaughter by stamping on her and stabbing her with a pen ‘in a jealous rage’.

The 27-year-old in Indonesia, who is only known as Sanima, is claimed to have killed the defenceless little girl in the country’s ‘most gruesome’ child homicide case.

Reports claim the killing on Tuesday was committed during a jealous rage and Sanima tried to seek medical help for Mutiara but she sadly died shortly afterwards.

According to the police, Sanima, who has a child from a previous marriage that lives with the family, attacked Mutiara because she was her dad’s favourite out of the two children.

She is claimed to have snapped when her husband told her to send her child to go and live with her ex-husband.

Following Mutiara’s death a post mortem showed signs she may have been physically abused by Sanma before she died as her body had 23 old bruises on the chest, neck, back and hips.

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