A very young beatiful,talented and God fearing girl,lived in a small town called odi,in bayelsa state.

She lived with her grandmother,she engaged herself into a small bussiness, because she did not find any chance of forwarding her education,due to lack of money and also because of her grandmother.

This 18 years old girl worked so hard,to feed and take care of her blind grandmother,her father and mother was both killed in an accident.

She had no one to turn to for help,but she was living quit well and did not beg for food.

One faithful day,in the church,she was approached by a young and handsome boy,the boy talked to her,they laughed together and in the process,she was falling for this boy and the boy also acted as if he felt the same for her,for some reasons.

In some few weeks,she lost contact with this boy,not knowing the boy was very sick,when she found out about what happened,she quickly located the house,she took him to the hospital,for better treatment,not knowing the boy was only acting to be sick.

He went on to live with the girl and her blind grandmother,in their house,not knowing the boy was sent by his evil cult to kill her and also her blind grandmother,he was ordered to act well and nice,in the first week of living with them to gain the girl heart fully.

The girl worked very hard in her business and she took care of her grandmother and also the 21 years old boy,that lived with them.

The boy evil cult group ordered the him to kill the grand mother,by poisoning her food,he did exactly what he was told,he killed the grandmother by poisoning her food.

The girl weeped alot for the death of her grandmother,no one came to console her,because the people of the land all thought that she was responsible for the death of her grandmother,in order to live with the boy,the boy consoled her as if,he cared for her.

After some days,after the death of her grandmother,everything was normal again,the boy was ordered again by his evil cult group,to do exactly what he did to the grandmother,he poisoned the girl food,in giving her the food,her mind didn’t allow her to eat the food and she said,”eat the food am not hungry”.

Somethimg just happened,he started saying,”why would I eat a poisoned food,do you want me to die like your grandmother,it was this thesame poison,I gave to your grandmother, that she died ,that I want to give to you,so that you would die like her”.

Immediately he finished his confession,he started eating the food,after some time,he died and was thrown away.

There are lessons in this true life story you should know

1.It is very bad to accept strangers,to your house,because you don’t know the mindset of that person.

2.It is important to follow your mind.

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