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The Eerie Story Behind Deadman’s Island Is Truly Heartbreaking

There is a place in the United Kingdom called Deadman’s Island that has corpses of criminals scattered all over it.

There are many scary stories about Deadman’s Island, and its history is extremely sad. It was used as a burial ground for lawbreakers who had died on ships more than two centuries ago, and their skeletons are still there…

Image: BBC

More than 160,000 criminals were shipped to Australia from the British islands between 1788 and 1868, and this is a crucial part of the island’s history.

When the prisoners were transported to Australia many of them were in bad health and lost their lives. They were later buried on Deadman’s Island.

Image: BBC

And those who had next to no chances of survival were separated from the rest and put in the lower decks of a prison hulk. As soon as they drew their last breath, they were put into a wooden case and stored at the bottom of the ship before they were laid to rest on Deadman’s Island.

Image: BBC

But even though the bodies were buried deep underground, their remains have resurfaced.


One of the reasons for this is the island’s muddy ground, but the main reason is the rising sea levels and lower tides. As a result, there are now skeletons all over the place.

Image: BBC

As can be seen in the footage at the end of the article, there are lots of body parts scattered around Deadman’s Island. Some people have suggested for the skeletons to be reburied, but due to the bones being weathered and scattered, this is not likely to happen.

Image: BBC

The bones have worn off to such an extent that they may not remain intact if moved to another place.

Other parts are also fully decomposed in the mud. Also, it would be extremely difficult to identify who they once belonged to.

Although naturally many people have expressed interest in seeing the bones for themselves, visitations to the island have been restricted due to it being a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), as well as a bird nesting and breeding area.


Check out Si-finds Thames Mudlark’s documentary on Deadman’s Island below.

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