Members of the disbanded MK Military Veterans’ Association (MKMVA) have told uniformed police and members of the media to move away from the homestead of former president Jacob Zuma.

It is unclear what the police officers wanted to do at Nkandla.

They were traveling in a white panel van and were not part of any larger police operation.

MKMVA members, dressed in camouflage clothing resembling military uniforms, have on two occasions on Wednesday turned away police officers from the main gate to the Zuma compound.

The MKMVA members and Zuma supporters are standing guard outside the Zuma homestead and are pushing back against anyone trying to enter.

Small groups of Zuma supporters were also seen at the gate preventing anyone who tried to enter.  

Meanwhile, the police minister is still expected to make an appearance in Nkandla, sources have confirmed.

Last week, the Constitutional Court found former president Jacob Zuma guilty of contempt of court, in relation to an order to appear before the State Capture Inquiry.

The apex court sentenced him to 15 months in jail.  

Zuma, during a press conference over the weekend at his Nkandla home, told journalists that he had been subjected to apartheid-era “detention without trial” by the Constitutional Court.

He has since launched urgent legal action to undo the contempt finding made against him or plead for a lesser sentence.

The Constitutional Court agreed that it would hear his rescission application on 12 July.

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