Citizen for Transformation Movements (CFT) has deploy security to protect the monitors and electorates during the fresh presidential election.

According to CFT commander Timothy Mtambo said his team will be on top of things to ensure that no one threatens monitors as well as the electorate during the Fresh Presidential Elections on 23 June, saying it’s time for change.

He mentioned the monitors as crucial individuals in need of security especially in this electoral period.

“This funny behavior of thinking some people own some parts of the country is not on, we will not take it lightly. The Police Service and MDF were created to provide security to all and when we say we are not going to tolerate that we mean the police and MDF need to do their job and protect the citizens of this country, the monitors for instance. Their job is not to protect selfish individuals,” said Mtambo.

Today, Malawians are voting again for president after the High Court in Lilongwe nullified the 2019 presidential election saying it had many irregularities.

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