A 22 year-old South African woman has been arrested by police on suspicions that she killed and chopped off her Ugandan boyfriend’s private parts and shoved his body under the bed.

According to South Africa Soapies, the victim’s brother tried to reach him on the night of June 18. But all was in vain as he was out of reach.

So he went over to his brother’s apartment that he says was shared with the said girlfriend.

Sources reveal that he found the suspect at the crime scene while his relative’s lifeless body was under the bed. It had injuries on the upper side.

In the video, the suspect is seen kneeling beside her boyfriend’s body. She is weeping.

A group of angry people are present, demanding answers to what had transpired.

The lady opens up eventually to mention that the departed was up to some pills. But it remains unclear what really happened.

Tension rises in the exchange between the lady and the men who appear to know the victim.

But she maintains her stand that she did not know what had happened to the man.

She also states that she has proof that she has nothing to do with the man’s death.

Here is the video: https://videos.files.wordpress.com/TSdEztNF/video-of-woman-found-with-a-dead-boyfriends-body-under-the-bed_dvd.mp4?_=1

Credit: omgvoice

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